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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chimayo Weaver's Tale

Chimayo may be best known today for it Sanctuario, but settlers in the early 1700s raised sheep, spun woolen yarn and wove fabrics. The village since has been known for its fiber artists.

We stopped at Trujillo's Weaving Shop and met Carlos who told us he is the 7th generation of weavers in his family. His son who has just begun working in the shop is the 8th.

We watched family members work on three looms. One woman operated the pedals alternating warp threads like a dancer. One old loom, Carlos told us, was his grandfather's and is now a century old.

While other weavers may use a blend of cotton and wool, the Trujillos use only wool for both warp and weft. They use commercially spun and dyed yarn but, Carlos said, the family used to do these tasks too when it kept sheep -- but it's too time consuming today.

It's somehow comforting to know the ancient skills are still very much alive and still bringing us wonderful woven works of art.

Posted by Bud Russo

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