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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beautiful, Stormy New Mexico Skies

On our way north today, the sky treated us to one of New Mexico's finest attributes. We watched the clouds form tall columns and spread into whispy anvils at altitude. We first noticed them over the San Mateo Mountains near Socorro and then east over the Manzano Mountains. Cloud formations were quite beautiful all the way to Santa Fe. Best of all was the light. Dark clouds formed backdrops to mountains bathed in soft light. The juniper dotted hills seemed to glow with a life of their own. There were showers all around us but far enough away that we didn't get to drive through one. I've traveled across this country, across Europe, and Oceania. I have marveled at the natural beauty everywhere I've been, but I can truthfully say I have never seen skies like I see here in my adopted home.

So much for the poetry. Weather forcast tomorrow, heavy rain and flooding.

Posted by Bud Russo
Explore! New Mexico

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